PapaMama product

Tissue /packet (250’s)

Tissue /bag (250’s*10)

Tissue /bundle (250’s*10*10)

Evaporated Creamer /tin (390g)

Evaporated Creamer /carton (390g*48)

Sweet Creamer /tin (500g)

Sweet Creamer /carton (500g*48)

Honey /pieces (380g)

Honey /carton (1kg)

Dory Fish /packet (1kg) 10%, 20%

Dory Fish /packet (2.5kg) 50%

Dory Fish /carton (10kg) 10%, 20%, 50%

Dongma Ricestick /packet (300g)

Dongma Ricestick /box (3kg)

Dongma Ricestick /bundle (300g*10)

Dongma Ricestick /carton (300g*30)

Charcoal Briquette /carton (3kg)

Charcoal Briquette /carton (5kg)

Dim Sum Sau Mai /box (200g)

Dim Sum Chi Mai /box (200g)

Dim Sum Mix /box (200g)

Dim Sum Chives /box (200g)

Dim Sum Mushroom /box (200g)

Dim Sum Dumpling /box (200g)

Chicken Sandwich Slice /packet (200g)

Chicken Spring Roll /packet (140g)

Chicken Spring Roll /packet (280g)


PapaMama charcoal has a guaranteed quality. Compared to conventional firewood, PapaMama charcoal is more combustible and can shorten the combustion process. This charcoal is ideal for grilling chicken, fish and other things.

Charcoal / Carton(3kg)

Charcoal / Carton (5kg)

papamama tissue

The texture are soft, absorbent and comfortable. It also can be used for cleaning tasks and suitable as a facial tissue. It sold at a very reasonable price.

Tissue /packet (250’s)

Tissue /bag (250’s*10)

Tissue /bundle (250’s*10*10)

Dongguan Rice Stick

Rice stick is actually a traditional Asian food and PapaMama has produced its own Dongguan Rice Stick. The main ingredient is rice flour and it is perfect to be served as soups, fried noodle and many more.

Dongma Rice Stick /packet (300g)

Dongma Rice Stick /box (3kg)

Dongma Rice Stick /bundle (300g*10)

Dongma Rice Stick /carton (300g*30)

papamama sweet creamer

PapaMama Sweet Creamer is ideal for serving drinks and desserts. The texture is very concentrated. Also, if the can are in good condition and sealed, they are guaranteed to last for a long time without having to be stored in the refrigerator.

Sweet Creamer /tin (500g)

Sweet Cremer /carton (500g*48)

papamama evaporated creamer

Evaporated milk is made by heating milk until about 60 percent of its water content has evaporated. It is then homogenized, packaged, and sterilized. PapaMama Evaporated Creamer is suitable for cooking, serving drinks and more.

Evaporated Creamer/ tin (390g)

Evaporated Creamer/ carton (390g*48)

papamama honey

Madu merupakan manisan yang dihasilkan semulajadi oleh lebah madu. Selepas menjalankan beberapa proses keatas madu lebah, PapaMama telah mengeluarkan sebuah produk Madu Semulajadi  yang memiliki mutu dan kualiti yang terbaik. Selain itu, Madu Semulajadi juga bertindak sebagai antioksidan yang baik untuk tubuh badan manusia.

Honey is a natural sweetener produced by honey bees. After a long process, PapaMama has released its own product with high quality. In addition, it is also a good antioxidant needed by body.

Honey /bottle (380g)

Honey /carton (1kg)

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